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Elder’s Quorum – Our Chosen Leader


Yesterday, I was asked to teach Elder’s Quorum. I can’t say that it was a last minute assignment, since I was called out of Gospel Doctrine class and asked if I could teach. Constant preparation is key, people. Read the manual, download the podcast, and be up to date on what Brother (Glenn) Beck has to say during the week.

So, we were all in the pre-existence and made a choice to follow the plan to come to earth, gain a body, and be tempted. An alternate plan was presented, an evil, malicious, liberal plan. Lucifer, the Father of All Liberals, presented a plan whereby we would come to earth, gain a body, and get the Results of Success without really working for it. You see, there’s a big difference between Success and the Results of Success. When one is Successful, they can enjoy the Results and be happy about it. If one is simply given the Results of Success without having to put in the time, talent, education, and hard work, then those results have been obtained fraudulently. Fraud. As in Welfare Fraud. And this is why liberalism is such a pernicious evil – it’s letting people enjoy the Results of Success without work, just like Satan wanted to do. And just like Satan wanting all the glory for his greedy self, we have Obama and his Hope and Change, but no Work and Effort.

Of course, this sparked a lively discussion. But, I think I did a good job managing to bring everything back together, and we ended a mere 20 minutes past time to leave. The Primary children and Relief Society sisters need to learn that you just can’t rush the Priesthood. And, since my ex-wife and eternal companion had the fruits of my loins this weekend, I didn’t have to worry about either getting upset.